Intune configuration profile PUA setting does not apply correctly RRS feed

  • Domanda

  • Hi all. 
    We have deployed the configuration profile via Intune Intune > Configuration profile > Defender > DetectPUA > Audit 

    The deployment status is "succeeded" in Intune
    The regedit's value of "PUAProtection" is correctly set as 2: Audit
    We correctly have on the client "This setting is managed by your administrator"

    But, from the Control Panel of each client, I have an alert (yellow exclamation mark) that tell us that the PUA is not active and the switch is set as Disabled.

    Also if I enable it by changing the value of "PUAProtection" into the regedit, I still have the yellow exclamation mark that inform me that the feature is disabled but, this time, the swith is correctly set as "Enabled" and the "Block apps" option flagged.

    Finally, if I click on Activate on the Windows Defender window, the status change to "green/everything OK" but sometimes, probably when new Windows updates are installed, the status comes back to be yellow/alert.
    venerdì 16 aprile 2021 10:20