Windows Server and User CALs Licensing


  • I'm trying to form a solid understanding of Microsoft User / Device Cals. I can't believe how much misinformation or incomplete information is out there on this subject.

    I'm talking about Licensing in a school district.

    I think I have a good understanding of server licensing, but the Cals is very unclear. Let me give some scenarios and your answers will most likely advance my understanding.

    1) I want to put a new windows server 2016 into production as a domain controller. Since this is a physical server and not a VM, I can not take advantage of the fact that my vSphere already has a Windows Server 2016 Data Center License for the cluster member, so I will purchase 16 cores of windows Server 2016 Standard edition for this server. I will also purchase 1500 User CALs for my clients that will interact with the domain services(lets assume there are none).

    assertion) The Client CALs should cover every service on the domain controller such as DNS, DHCP, and Active Directory

    2) I want to set up a Windows Server 2016 print server. Since I will use a VM, I can take advantage of the Windows Data Center License I already have for my cluster member on VSphere, so I do not need an additional Server License.

    assertion) I do not need Users CALs for the print server because I already obtained a "Windows Server" Cal for each user when I set up the Domian Controller. 

    assertion) I could also set up additional servers (with the correct server licensing) such as WSUS, and MDT, and the User CALs I obtained for the domain services are also valid for these services.

    assertion) Except for a few specific services like Remote App server, System Center (Requiring an ML), You only need to purchase a single Cal for each user for Windows Server. You do not need to Purchase seperate CALs for all the services included in Server manager.

    assertion) The CAL Suite applies to various Servers and not services for the most part.

    3) I want to set up a Windows Server 2016 for Symantec SEP anti Virus Endpoint system. I need to obtain the proper licensing for this server.

    assertion) Since its service is third party, no CAL licenses would be required by Microsoft

    Thats enough. Please review and tell me if I'm getting this right or tell me were its wrong. Thanks in advance

    martedì 10 luglio 2018 19:12

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