Database Projects for Data Warehouse.


  • We are thinking of creating Database Projects for our Data Warehouse Development. If I have a large fact table, or even large Dimension and make a change, say added a column. Does VS create a drop and create statment? Would I loose all my data? Or is there a way to preserve the data for certain tables.

    I guess I could generate a script for the DBA and then alter the script.  Any other insight would be appreciated on Database Projects for Data Warehouses.  Working with VS 2017.

    giovedì 29 marzo 2018 15:07

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  • If you use SSDT and DacPac deployments it will handle your changes fine and you will not lose any data.  However, I highly recommend adding new fields to the end of a table.  If you add it to the middle, the deployment will create a  temp table in the new format, move all the old data to the new table, drop old table, rename temp table to old name.  This is very time consuming.  If you simply add it to the end, it will just alter the table.

    venerdì 30 marzo 2018 12:40