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  • OK Scenario,

    I have a Windows 2012 Essential Server domain setup and have fully prep the unit to replace a Domain that crashed and burned. Once I get the setup in place I will be hopefully getting the second domain controller in from Dell. This server is going to be Windows 2012 Server Standard.

    Question is can I get the Windows 2012 Standard to Join the 2012 Essentials domain and then be promoted to a domain controller and take over the Roles after getting all policies rolled out. I know that you can join a Essentials server to an Existing domain but I need to do the reverse then reverse the roles and take over Role responsibility.

    If you have any  input or know of any forums with setups that resemble my query please let me know. I have resolved to turn and burn the essentials network if I have to but then I have to wait till next week to get my next shipment from Dell with the Windows 2012 Setup Media.



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  • Short answer no.

    Essentials, like SBS, has to be the root, fsmo role holder etc.

    Nothing stopping you adding a second DC if you want to.

    The only caveat to that, is if you 'transmog' your essentials up to 'Standard' edition, it then functions like Standard. You keep the essentials features but gain the ability to move fsmo, use trusts etc.

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