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  • Good morning,

    I'm esxperiencing the following issue in Windows7 home premium.

    Let's suppose you have two 3G modems connected to your PC via USB. Say them modemA and ModemB, respectively using RAS connections connA and connB. Suppose both have "use default gateway" option and "automatic metric" set.

    Now let's we connect both to the internet going first  on the icon of connA and issueing RightClick->Connect; use a terminal to verify that you can correctly ping e.g. "".

    Now make the same operation with connB.

    Obviously you can see leds of both modemA and modemB switched on if connections went ok.

    Now we have a multi-home PC with metrics set to use connB since this was the last one set-up.If you try to browse the Internet all is ok and you are using connB while connA is unused but working.

    Now, let's disconnect connB by RightClick->disconnect. If you see metrics you can see that connA has now a lower metric but if you try to ping you obtain a "ping transmit failed general failure".

    This happens also if we have 3, 4, 5 etc... modems and connctions. Only if you disconnect and reconnect a connect one connection (whatever it is) you'll obtain browsing back again.

    In other words if the last connection activated is disconnected Windows is not able to browse the Internet since it is not able to fail over the other up&running connection.

    Now I'm looking for some command (netsh, route, ecc..) to make windows "know" that there is another active connection that can be used.

    I tried to disable and reenable default route...nothing.

    Any suggestions?


    Thank you very



    sabato 5 novembre 2011 09:57

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