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  • Dear All Experts,

    Can someone advice how should I achieve the following objectives for my home lab (see setup diagram: 


    The purpose of such setup in my home lab is because I trying to create a server farm that would be become my psedo "Production" environment that I will then replicate to the cloud using Azure Site Recover (ASR).

    At the current setup stage, the objective I would try to reached is (1)  to enable to all the nested VMs, including the VM1 and VM2 to have internet access; (2) bidirectional Ping communication - the nested VMs in VM1 able to ping VM2 and vice versa (i.e. VM2 able to ping the nested VMs)

    In my RRAS configuration, I enable both NAT and LAN Routing under "Custom Configuration". This allow me to achieve the objective (1) which is all the nested VMs have internet access; at the same time, part of the objective (2) which is the nested VMs able to ping the VM2 and the External Virtual Switch in VM1. However, the VM2 is unable to ping the nested VMs.

    If I would to remove the NAT, objective (2) immediately achieved. However, the nested VMs would lost the internet connection.

    Really appreciate if someone could advise me on this. Thanks in advance.

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  • Your diagram shows your host system being Windows 10.  This forum is for general system administration questions on Windows Server.  The capabilities you are trying to use are unique to Hyper-V on Windows 10 and are not general questions on Windows Server.  In order to reach the most experts on Windows 10 Hyper-V you should post your question in that forum -


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  • Correct, but the hypervisor host is Windows 10.  As a result you are first and primarily dependent upon the initial capability of configuring within that physical environment.


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