SharePoint 2010 People Picker Does Not Resolve Users/Groups. Please Help!!!!!


  • I am Running SharePoint 2010 Site , recently we migrated Web App from Development Server to Production Server(Different Domain Controller). In Development Server I used to be able to Use People Picker Everywhere.

    But Now In production Server It searches for the AD Users. I can See them, but when i try to select and add users it doesnt Resolve.


    This Functionality is only affected Site Collection Level. Other Site Collections in Same Web Application are working fine. its just this site.

    Weird Problem is , I took backup of the Site Collection In production server and created new web app in my old Dev Server and Restored backup, It worked Fine Again There.

    Please Help If Anyone has ever run into this situation.

    Thank You


    venerdì 30 marzo 2012 13:28

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  • Did this site have any peoplepicker properties set on it while in development?

    venerdì 30 marzo 2012 14:08
  • NO, people picker feature has been applied straight out of the box, has never been modified.

    Thank You


    venerdì 30 marzo 2012 15:20


    From the symptom you mentioned, please check if the two SharePoint servers are on the same version. If not, that might be the cause.

    How did you migrate the site collection from development farm to production farm? I would suggest you use the following methods:

    1.Use stsadm export/import. You can import single web(including all subwebs) and include permissions

    2.Use SharePoint backup restore

    Backup Site collection

    Restore Site collection


    Rock Wang

    Rock Wang TechNet Community Support

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    martedì 3 aprile 2012 08:52
  • Thank You For your responce Rock Wang,  My versions of sharepoint servers are same i checked it. I successfully applied all the steps you have described above. Still not working:(

    Thank You


    lunedì 9 aprile 2012 13:49
  • Trevor, there was no changes made in People Picker Properties. There is no custom PeoplePicker properties applied in this project.


    lunedì 9 aprile 2012 13:50
  • Hi Napster,

    Have you resolved the above issue?

    Right now i m also facing the same. Expecting some suggestion from u.

    giovedì 13 giugno 2013 12:10