What isolation level would you use for a OLAP database ?


  • Hi,

    We have an datawarehouse database which is used for a SSAS cube. now there are a few users whou can read from the database. One user made a report query which took 2 hours to run.

    Now he went home, but after business hours the ETL kicks in and tries to load data. Unfortenately it failed because it couldn't lock one table (for bulk loading) because the other user was reading from it and there for locking it. How can we prevent/minimize locking issues ?

    All users are member of DB_datareader.

    Should users open an read-only connection ?

    Should I change the READ_COMMITED_Snapshot to ON ?

    Should I change the ALLOW_SNAPSHOT_Isolation to ON ?

    Should I switch the database to read only mode during business hours ?

    Any other options I don't know ?


    • Spostato Kalman Toth mercoledì 3 luglio 2013 12:13 Not t-sql
    mercoledì 3 luglio 2013 09:00

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