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    I'm in the process of working on standards for my new company. I know *I* can create users via powershell and CSV, and have them perform just as I would expect. However, I remember back in the day, there was a way to tune the new user creation GUI in ADUC so that when you entered "First Name" and "Last Name", the sAMAccountName and UPN would auto generate according to specific preferences/rules/settings/regex/whatever...

    For example, if someone enters in "Craig Tate", the sAMAccountName would auto create using "first initial and last name" (ctate), and the UPN would auto populate using "first"."last" (craig.tate)

    Everyone is writing powershell for these, and I get it. But, in the event I am not around, and someone "not powershell savy" creates an account in AD via the GUI, I want the logic in place to insure these standards. Anyone remember where this was configured?

    Was it something in ADSI?


    giovedì 17 maggio 2018 16:32

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