Problem With WDS




    Problem With WDS - When Install Server 2012 R2-64bit

    I ask For My Friend . 

    He took XML and change it's (Host name , Point The Xml To The Right Wim File)

    and When He Start The Process WDS With The Client - In The First Time  Is Pass And Install Good , And Sometime After Two Or Third Time Thais Is Installed Good There Is One The Failed  .

    I Installed Again And Pass - And Install Again And failed - Why ?

    He Receive An Error Message ,When He look  Inside WDS, Even Viewer -  WDS TFTP Error Code: 1460 - Event ID:      4101

    It's Happens A lot With Win Server 2012 R2

    On Some Platforms It's Installed Good And Pass  , And Another Platforms Is Failed With This Error .

    All Those Platforms Are Running With The Same XML

    Any Idea ???


    lunedì 14 maggio 2018 08:56

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