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    We have encountered a problem where outlook on one user is not working over directaccess. proxy setting in browser is ste as automatic and user is able to work on webmail but in outlook it says disconnected. Also user is able to access both internet and intranet.

    Force tunnelling is not enabled and outlook traffice should go directly through internet as exchange server is published on internet. On VPN it works fine but on Direct access its showing "disconnected".

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  • For companies that use Outlook Anywhere (which it sounds like you are using), the settings often need to be adjusted after implementing DirectAccess so that the DA client computers no longer try to contact the Outlook Anywhere configuration. With DirectAccess, you now have native connection to Exchange and you can allow that traffic to happen directly over the DA tunnels instead of requiring the Outlook configuration to be aware of and change over to the OA connection when the user moves outside.

    I see many companies moving away from Outlook Anywhere in general these days, it's never been the best option to configure your remote mail access. I would either stop using OA so that Outlook can just talk natively to Exchange using the DA tunnels, or set Exchange not to be contactable using the NRPT if your intention is to continue utilizing Outlook Anywhere, so that the traffic stays out of the DA tunnels. 

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