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  • On 2019 RDS, when reconfiguring a session collection to use user profile disks instead of local user profiles, the process takes around 10 mins and then seems to succeed, but from that point in time every new user session on a session host from this collection takes also around 10 min. to login. During the login process you can only see, that the session is waiting for "Remote Desktop Configuration" to finish.

    User profile disks are located on same file server providing other shares for 5 different 2016 based RDS session collections, and they all work without problems since several years now.

    Access rights on share are set up correctly and they seem to be ok, because during session collection reconfiguration the template uvhd file is created (right a few seconds after starting the process by clicking apply or ok) and also during a new user login his/her uvhd file is created after some time (not immediately - like on 2016 RDS server. But when a new session is started looking at the UVHD disks share, we can see that 2019 session host first tries to create a TEMP.....uvhd file and after some time it gets renamed to its final correct name "UVHD-<sid>.vhdx"

    And finally, after around 10 mins. of seeing the "wainting for Remote Desktop Configuration" info, without any useful event log entries on session host, the logon process of the user session continues and succeeds. 

    Either 2019 RDS is behaving differently in regards to user profile disks or this must be some kind of bug. Anybody having the same problems/experiences or any idea on how to fix this?

    Freitag, 22. November 2019 17:02

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