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  • Hi,

    According to a guide I found, here is a process about migrating ILM metaverse to FIM:

    1. Backup the ILM 2007 database
    2. Save the encryption keys from ILM 2007
    3. Detach the ILM 2007 database from the backend SQL Server
    4. Copy/Move the MDF and LDF files to the SQL Server 2008 R2 instance
    5. Rename the MDF file to FIMSynchronizationService.MDF
    6. Rename the LDF file to FIMSynchronizationService_log.LDF
    7. Attach the MDF file to the SQL Server 2008 R2 instance
    8. On the database FIMSynchronizationService, make sure the database Compatibility level is set to either SQL Server 2005 (90) or SQL Server 2008 (100)
    9. Install FIM 2010 and choose to reuse the migrated database
    10. Provide the encryption keys to the installer wizard

    And have some very basic questions:

    1. Is it necessary to detach the ILM 2007 database before copying the .MDF and .LDF files across to FIM?

    2. If the above step is required, how do you detach a database in SQL 2005, and how do u attach a database in SQL 2008 R2?

    3. Where do we set the FIM database Compatibility level to either SQL Server 2005 (90) or SQL Server 2008 (100)

    Thank you,


    2012年2月15日 10:44