Problem with certificates


  • Hello!

    I've problem with drivers for HP hs3210 HSPA+ Mobile Broadband Device. I've two the same computers. First HP Probook 645 G3 with Windows 7 Professional and second HP Probook 645 G3 with Windows 7 Enterprise. On first computer everything is ok and everything works properly.

    On the second computer, when installing the same driver, there is a failure in installing HP hs3210 HSPA + Mobile Broadband Module Network Device. The following error appears in the properties of this device:

    Windows can not verify the digital signature of the drivers required for this device. A recent change of hardware or software could lead to the installation of a file that is incorrectly signed or damaged, or may be malware from an unknown source. (Code 52).
    On the Windows site, the update does not find the correct driver. The test is the only driver for this device.

    For this reason, the modem for sim cards does not work

    I am asking for help in solving this problem.

    2018年7月4日 10:04