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  • I am using Windows7  & internet explorer11.  The works good, but hangs freqently " not responding" Option to recover the webpage; which works. But new problem as of June 2018. I have tried multiple things with my desktop, but no help. No viruses, adware, etc. I reset internet explorer, etc & even reinstalled the IE-11. Finally I did Ping on the as well as TRaceRT on it  The trace goes well for the first 8 or 10 hops, but then just times-out for the last 20 or so.  Is it possible that the internet routing has a problem? Is there an alternate MSN address besides the MSN.COM or MSN.NET that is appropriate to use with the Microsoft Browser?  I have tried the Firefox browser and have no problem; However that does not use the address. I definitely prefer the genuine Microsoft Msn browser.


    2018年6月29日 5:30


  • I shall suggest you to clear cache and history of Internet Explorer. If required you may need to Reset IE.

    S.Sengupta,Microsoft MVP Windows and Devices for IT, Windows Insider MVP

    2018年7月1日 1:15
  • Hi William,

    Clear the IE cache and add into trusted sites.

    Run network troubleshooter.

    press Windows+R on the keyboard to open the Run window. Type netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt and press Enter.


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    2018年7月2日 7:51
  • Thank you for your great ideas. I cleared all cache & all temporary internet files, etc. I also did the reset 2 times; 1st using the general option & 2nd time I checked reset + reset all personal options. However, the problem still exists intermittently. I have learned additional info, as I substituted the homepage "" & initially it did not fail, but later I had several failures with the also. I have used both MSN & Yahoo homepages with Firefox & have not seen a failure as yet.

    2018年7月4日 20:35
  • OOPS. I guess I replied to your post incorrectly. I am sorry as I replied under the original post instead of posting my reply here.
    2018年7月4日 20:38
  • Thank you for your great ideas.  I did clear Cache & added to my trusted sites as you suggested.

    I also ran the network troubleshooter & it did not find anything. I also did  the other procedure where I entered the command "netshint ip reset resetlog.txt" . But nothing has worked so far.  I am now definitely in agreement now that the problem seems to lie with the Internet Explorer11. But I have done additional work on that as I picked up a new IP address. backed off internet explorer11(10 also failed). I now have run the disk driver checker(complete), ran the SFC on windows hoping to find a corrupted file in the internet explorer, but ran clean. Today I even swapped out the Ethernet card, but no help. I found a old tip suggesting I check the event log & found some 1002 errors, but discarded that because they only happened after I responded to the hang condition with the "recover the web page" option; no events happened as a result of the hang itself. the problem seems to happen when I scroll through the news stories on the homepage & several times I got error screen "This page is not available right now", retry does not work, but if I get back to the homepage & try again, it works.

    2018年7月4日 21:02
  • Very strange.

    Your troubleshooting thread is ok, what I can consider more is using a new DNS, such as

    Besides, you may create a new account for test, user profile issue can also lead to hang.


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    2018年7月5日 1:31