Create vm template is greyed out


  • Sorry to ask stupid question. It seems the option of create vm template in vmm2012 sp1 is playing up. I got 2 hyper-v2012 and vmm2012 and bunch of VMs with vhdx format. The is of vm is win2012,win 7, and win 2008r2 I tried all VMs for create vm template, all greyed out. I clone a w7 vm , great, the create vm is available. So I made a template and deploy it to another vm. All good. But what about the rest of vm? I made another clone of win2012 server, that button is still greyed out. I have compare VMs which I deployed, so this button has nothing to do with location of vhdx file. All VM has integrated service installed from hyperv. Ay ideas?
    2013年6月6日 4:23



  • It turns out I need to refresh all VMs and once integrated services are detected by Vmm,it should work.
    2013年6月6日 4:33
  • I am having this issue. Refreshing the VM's don't seem to do anything. it is grayed out in the global ribbon menu at top and for each individual VM gen1 and gen2. Has anyone else seen this? HELP!
    2017年11月16日 21:57
  • Ok, it turns out that you can't create a template for a a machine that was created in Hyper-V console. It must be created in SCVMM. This is dumb.
    2017年11月16日 22:15
  • If you import a VM using the hyper-v console, make it HA using failover cluster, then in SCVMM you need to add it to a cloud and check "hyper-v" for the cloud compatibility profile.  Then make sure the VM is off, and all of a sudden it's no longer grayed out.
    2018年7月13日 15:05