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    I've just installed MIM and play a bit but I noticed something I cannot really explain. I have a scope based sync rule to AD (ADMA) with a outbound system scoping filter like: employeeStatus equal Employee. Problem is that this rule isn't applied when I run FIMMA Full Import and Full Sync (in 1 step), however it is applied when I run a full sync preview on object or just a full sync step (without full import). Am I missing something, does it work as designed or I may have some issue in my configuration ?


    2016年1月12日 17:36


  • Tomasz - the MIM product group are deprecating combined (single step) run profiles (see here) on the basis that over the years they have become too problematic to maintain as the product has evolved.  However there is a note there which suggests still using these "... where the performance would be impacted by a very large number of existing disconnectors", so on that basis I guess you could argue that this is guidance only, and that this therefore sounds like a bug.

    This means you should raise a PSS call and see if they will look at it for you - but in the meantime you should split your run profile into 2 steps ... particularly in this case as the above note does not apply (only really has an impact for combined delta steps), and (in theory) you *should* get the same result regardless of 1 or 2 steps anyhow.

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