VMM 2016 console high CPU usage/freeze/unresponsive


  • We're running VMM 2016 console on a WS2016 RDSH, similarly as we're (still) using VMM 2012 R2 console on a WS2012R2 RDSH (in a different environment).

    The VMM2016 console usually freezes/becomes unresponsive if we keep it running for longer periods of time. Then it behaves like this:

    - if the window had focus, you can't click any controls or anything, but it also doesn't change to the transparent white typical for unresponsive applications (with the changed "not responding" header). It just doesn't do anything.

    - if the window didn't had focus or was minimalized, you can't get it to show again

    In both scenarios, the console takes 100% of the CPU (core) and there are two things I can do:

    1) kill the program in task manager and restart it

    2) wait for very long time (tens of minutes to hours) and sometimes it will become responsive again, sometimes not

    There are no running tasks in VMM during these periods.

    Is anyone experiencing this?

    Running VMM 2016 UR2.1.

    2017年3月21日 8:25


  • Hello,

    I don't experience this.

    Followings are the version for SCVMM and Windows Server 2016.

    SCVMM: 4.0.2051.0
    Windows Server 2016 OS Build: 14393.313

    I would recommend to check the error messages in the log files located at C:\ProgramData\VMMLogs.

    Also, please make sure you installed the update package for SCVMM Console, since the update package for SCVMM Server is separately from SCVMM Console.

    Best regards,
    Andy Liu

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    2017年3月23日 7:54
  • Andy,

    The logs in the folder you mention are all setup logs from the time VMM console was installed on the RDSH, haven't been modified since.

    The console is up to date.

    2017年4月10日 7:02
  • Hello,

    Was the Windows 2016 installed on a physical machine, or virtual machine?

    If it's installed on a VM, how many vCPUs and memory were allocated to the VM?

    Best regards,

    Andy Liu

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    2017年4月26日 10:06
  • VMM server is in HA config, both VMs have 2x vCPUs, 4-8GB RAM (dynamic). VMM server is almost always idle with low RAM demand.

    2017年4月26日 11:12
  • Hi,

    I'm having the exact same issue - CPU use for the VmmAdminUI sits between 12-15% CPU use and the console is unresponsive. Did you ever find a solution?

    I'm running as a single VM with 8vCPU 16GB RAM on Server 2016 Standard. HyperV host is also 2016.

    OS Build: 14393.1198

    Console version: 4.0.1662.0

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    2017年5月23日 11:38
  • Hi Jeff, we haven't found a solution. Andy Liu50 didn't provide any other input and we haven't created a support ticket with MS, since it would most likely not help either (I'm bitter after couple last experiences with MS support).

    For now we learned to live with this issue and just kill/restart the console when this happens.

    Overall the console is rather buggy (window border alignment issue, column settings not saving, console auto-scolling making working with it a real pain etc.) and this is a minor issue for us (compared to the others).

    2017年5月23日 12:07
  • Hey Markos,

    Thanks for coming back to me on this one. I guess we're in the same boat then! If I ever find a solution I'll post here.


    2017年5月25日 9:29
  • Same problem with vmm console hanging 15 times a day :(

    MICROSOFT, please, solve this problem 

    2017年8月28日 6:17
  • Also experiencing this issue. SCVMM 2016, on Server 2016 VM. CPU around 25%,, console needs killing via task manager to get it working again. Happens every day. 

    Has there been any progress on this issue..... VMwares VCenter puts SCVMM to shame.

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    2017年10月6日 10:55
  • Every software has bugs, but it's the ignorance on MS' part that bothers me. Why can't they acknowledge the issue and say "hey guys, we're aware of this, will be fixed in next UR" (or whatever).
    2017年10月6日 12:49
  • Just incase anyone does find a solution to this issue, I'd like to put my hand up, we run two clusters and a number of standalone managed hosts, and have the same issue with the VMM console. It worked well in 2012 R2, but the 2016 version constantly freezes and requires to be shutdown and restarted. We also find powershell scripts using the SCxxx commands that used to run flawlessly occasionally timeout.
    2018年5月29日 7:29
  • I"m having the exact same issues on my session server.
    2018年7月29日 16:11
  • The logs in the folder you mention are all setup logs from the time VMM console was installed on the RDSH, haven't been modified since.
    2018年7月29日 16:23