VLAN and non-VLAN co-exist


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    I am using my laptop home and work site. At work site I connect my laptop to a tagged port with 3 VLANs so I setup 3 VLANs on intel Ethernet connection adapter. They works fine. However, my home network has no VLAN setup, and I am not able to connect to home network with same Ethernet port. Is there a way I can connect both Home and work network without deleting/Adding VLANs every time I use different network?


    2018年7月13日 1:23



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    If a computer needs to be a tagged member of a VLAN, you must configure a VLAN ID on the network interface controller (NIC) of the computer. All other computers must be untagged. Most wireless access points recognize 802.1Q tags. Most business routers recognize 802.1Q tags. But most home routers do not.


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    2018年7月13日 8:50
  • Sorry I do not quite understand your answer. I just want to know if it is possible to use my laptop on both VLAN and NON-VLAN environment without making changes in the NIC configuration.
    2018年7月14日 1:50
  • Ok. I figured out the solution. Create one more untagged vlan solves the problem.
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    2018年7月17日 5:26