Wrong JP symbols transmission in Exchange 2003 RRS feed

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  • Hi!

    In our organization we installed new Exch2003 EE EN server in the same domain and moved all mailboxes and all incoming mail traffic to the new server. The new server has all the latest Updates and hotfixes. All the Regional and Language settings are the same as were on the old server especially Support of Eastern Asian Languages is turned on.

    But we receive letters with Japanese characters through this new server little bit incorrect. Somehow it changes the character in letter to some Chinese characters. it happens sometimes in the middle of the text or from some position till the end of a line. It's strange that it doesen't change all the message, but only the part of it. I think the problem is with incorrect encoding of Japanese characters, but I don’t know where to change it and especially I don’t know why it changes only a part of letters. And as understand it happens mostly with HTML-format letters, with plain text everything seems to be all right.

    I've read some topics and as I understood the problem is with the transmission through SMTP of a string that is loner then 1000 characters and Exch2003 cannot inentify correctly the end of the line.

    So how to fix it? I think many of you should have had this problem!

    I do not know Japanese language, but I should resolve this problem. So please write in EN, in JP also is ok, but in this case I should ask somebody from our company for translation.

    2008年4月24日 13:38