Using VMM with S2D initial Network Adapter Configuration


  • I’m looking for a best practice or a recommended suggestion by anyone who has configured an S2D cluster with VMM (virtual machine manager). I have configured S2D clusters several times but have recently begun researching how to implement S2D utilizing VMM too and specifically the initial network configuration of the S2D servers before they are clustered in VMM. 

    Should the servers be set up the way you would if VMM was not part of the intended configuration, in my case configuring 2 dual port adapters (4 ports) into a SET (switch embedded team) and configure IP network connectivity for management?

    Or, create the virtual switch and the team inside of virtual machine manager after importing the cluster servers? Which complicates matters because I assume you would need some form of temporary adapter connected to have VMM see the servers first.

    I’ve read articles on S2D setup but the articles I’ve read for S2D setup with VMM seem to omit going over my question above as if the author assumes you already have the servers networking configured. It just seems unclear to me how networking should start off for this S2D with VMM scenario.

    2018年6月20日 3:07