“Unable to lock the MS SharePoint portal farm”


  • Hi I am having this issue on my back up jobs. I know i had this issue before and I fixed it 3-4  months ago by changing some setting in the Central Administration page but i forgot how i did it..

    Any help on this would be really appreciated. I just want to know which setting on central administration page will do the trick no custom code development please...

    Version : WSS 3.0 SP2..
    • 編集済み Mike Walsh FIN 2009年12月14日 18:20 error message. not needed in Title as the " " around the error message already indicate that
    2009年12月14日 16:40


  • Hi Srikrishna

    From the Central Administration, check this link:

    From the command line, you mean the good old setsitelock command? Check this link:

    Hope this helps


    2009年12月14日 22:08