IM notification agent setting RRS feed

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  • http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc676988.aspx

    From the above-mentioned site

    「IM notification agent」
    The IM notification agent section in the optional whole window sets it to the following table.  each

    「Name of user」

    The user who becomes the transmission origin of the IM notification because it effectively does the IM communication is specified. The name of the user is input in the form of the name of the domain user.

    The password of the user who specified it is specified. When the field that can be this omission it is a blank, the specified name of the user is not attested. The password of the user who specified it should be corresponding to this password to be attested with Active Directory of the organization.

    Neither the IM notification nor the notification of the event are done because it is informed in SCOM (management pack of OCS) in the policy of operation. I do not want to do.

    Though "Setting of the notification" can be effective/invalid, and the notification setting of the event be invalidated
    Is it possible to make the setting of "Name of the user" of "IMoreover, is there a problem (trouble) when making it to the blank?

    Is it an indispensable setting because it needs setting when FSOCS is set up?M notification agent" of "Whole option" and "Password" a blank?

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    2011年1月7日 8:14