Copy PocketPC html selected text in VB.Net RRS feed


  • Hello wzhang85,

    I’m afraid your comment has been posted to a wrong place... Since this is a Japanese MSDN Forum and people usually use Japanese here, I’d like to suggest you post your question to an English forum. I’m not sure if you can contact Yan-Hong Huang, but at least there’s a possibility that somebody else may be able to help you out. Please click here to find an appropriate forum (category) depending on the type of your question. Thank you. :)

    Seiji Hattori - Moderator (MSKK)

    2009年5月7日 2:33
  • Hello Seiji Hattori,

    Thanks for your comment. I will try to ask the question to an English forum, and report the results if I get any answers.

    Good night.
    2009年5月8日 12:49