• I don't even know where to start with this. I have been tasked to either create our own client or fix the Quest client we recently purchased for our Mac clients. The problem with the Quest plugin is, when you reinstall the client, it will create a new computer record in SCCM. I can either, move all the computer info including what collections its in to the new record and delete the old record or force Quest to join the old record. Or simply create our own client. Anyone have any ideas where to start?
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  • IMO, I would talk to Quest about this and see what they have to say.
    2010年2月18日 18:56
  • We were told by quest that this was not possible with sccm and sccm will not allow a computer to join an existing record and they couldn't think of any case on why a user would want that to happen.
    2010年3月29日 19:29
  • If you specify MAC address in old record, it should automatically join them together.

    2010年3月30日 8:34
  • For windows clients there is a tool called tranguid.exe which essentially backs up the identity of a client machine and allows you to restore it.

    This essention backs up a file called smscfg.ini. I don't know the quest client but you would have to figure out whether they have some file that stores the client guid.

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    2010年3月30日 12:37
  • We created a script to dump what collections the client is a member of, delete the client, reinstall the quest plugin and re-add the client to all the collections. Not the way we wanted to do it but it does work.


    We have been hearing rumors that SCCM 2010 will include native support for OS X. Can anyone comment on that?

    2010年4月21日 12:09
  • I forwarded the info to quest to show them in fact that it is possible. I found out that they only use self signed certs and that it is most of their problem.
    2010年4月21日 12:10
  • This question was asked directly to the product team at MMS last week.  The product managers were pretty clear that Mac OS X support is not being added to ConfigMgr v.Next.  The only third party os support is for Nokia phones.  People at the session seemed kind of disappointed.  The team did not use any wiggle words to suggest that this is under consideration.  They refered users to Quest software for the extensions for alternate OSes.  So I guess cross-platform management is currently in SCOM only for the forseable future.

    2010年4月26日 17:53
  • That's what I thought. The teacher we had for our scom class last week kept saying that the new version of sccm would manage macs directly. He was also talking about office 2010 would install natively in Linux. I'm not putting much trust in him.
    2010年4月28日 18:28
  • Hi Wolfraider,

    Greetings from Australia. 

    I was just wondering if we could talk directly with some of my issues with MACs and SCCM. 

    do you have a personal email account where i can speak to you on this?


    hope to hear from you

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