Virtual Machine Manager "Host Not Responding" since KB4103725, KB4103715, KB4103724


  • Hi,

    we're using VMM 2012R2, Hosts 2012R2 ans 2008 R2.

    Since the Updates KB4103725 , KB4103724 , KB4103715 are installed, the VMM only shows "Status:Host Not Responding" with HV hosts 2012R2 - 2008R2 are not affected.

    If the 2012R2 Host has installed these updates, it's the same issue even if the VMM don't has these updates.

    The Jobstatus of a refreshed machine is "completed" and no errors. The host could not be refreshed because it's "pending".

    I tried different constellations, installing only one of these updates, but i have to uninstall ALL, that the VMM is working proper again.

    Anyone the same problem?


    2018年5月25日 12:05


  • Hi there!

    So you have not installed those updates on the SCVMM server? Try doing that if you haven't to see if it helps!

    Best regards,

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    2018年5月25日 12:43
  • Hello, In my experiece, to avoid this issue, this updates must be also present on the SCVMM server.


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    2018年5月26日 8:34
  • Hi,

    thanks for your reply.

    i've already tried to install all updates on the HVhost AND on the SCVMM, both 2012 R2.

    But i've checked the logfiles again an found errors, that the SQL-Server could not be contacted.

    The VMM database is running on a different server. Hope it will be fine, if I bring this server to exactly the same patch status as the host an the SCVMM.

    The server can only be rebooted in out of work hours, so we will see tomorrow.


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  • Let's hope it works out for you, looking forward to hear how it goes!

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    2018年5月28日 8:00
  • Hello cbochynek,

    On the HV host, please check out the following service, and make sure it's running.

    System Center Virtual Machine Manager Agent
    Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)

    In addition, to take a further investigation, you may need to view the event log on the HV host.

    Best regards,

    Andy Liu

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    2018年5月28日 8:17
  • had a similar issue but nothing to do with SQL. had to make sure KB4103725 was installed on the SCVMM and Hyper-V servers or they could not negotiate CredSSP versions correctly.
    2018年5月28日 18:15
  • Hi,

    installing the updates on the Database server did not fix the problem.

    @andy liu, "System Center Virtual Machine Manager Agent" and "Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)" are both running.

    2018年5月29日 9:56
  • Hi,

    Same Problem here. After uninstalling the Updates everything works fine. We'll open a Microsoft case. Hopefully they can tell us what causing the issue.

    kind regards

    2018年5月29日 10:22
  • are you guys using TLS encryption in SCVMM? it requires some configuration on the SQL server.

    2018年5月29日 12:18
  • Hi there!

    HV host for testing (fully patched) ist now working with fully patched SCVMM and fully patched database server.

    I had to remove the host from the VMM, GUI was not working so i used:

    Get-SCVMHost "yourpendinghostname" | Remove-SCVMHost -Force

    Then add it again via GUI.

    I also updated the VMM Agent on the hosts.

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