Converged networking is unreliable. Your experience?


  • What has been your experience with converged networking?

    Is it reliable?

    I have been experiencing multiple problems with converged networking in VMM + Server 2012 R2. Our config is pretty straight forward: VMM is used to team two 10Gb NICs and a logical switch is created. Under the logical switch, we have 3 vNICs: mgt, cluster and live migration.

    The problem is that the one or two virtual NICs under a logical switch somehow go missing after a node restart. This problem is not reproduceable, happens intermittently and over three separate clusters on three different brands of hardware and inside two separate datacenters. This has caused major downtime in production.

    Multiple support tickets with Microsoft have resulted in nothing other than "nuke and pave"......essentially delete the converged networking config and recreate it.....only to fail again.

    Very frustrated! I am ready to give up and check VMware's solution.


    2018年6月6日 13:13


  • Hello Rajeev,

    There are lots of new features and improvements for networking introduced in Windows Server 2016, such as SDN,

    Network Function Virtualization, and so on.

    You can learn more about it by referring to the following article.

    Best regards,

    Andy Liu

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    2018年6月7日 6:36
  • Hi Andy,

    Yes, I understand that there may be some new features in Server 2016...but for xyz reasons we cannot upgrade all our clusters to server 2016. That is in the pipeline though...maybe later this year.

    Anyway, I was wondering if others using converged networking in 2012 can chime in here with their experiences - good or bad :-)


    2018年6月11日 17:57