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  • Hi

    I configured a passthrough disk that is 2TB, external SAS, Basic GPT Disk, and attached SCSI Contoller. It's offline on the Host.
    The Guest W2K3 R2 SP2 x86 Partition can NOT format and chkdsk this passthrough disk.
    But the Guest can format and chkdsk that disk if which is DYNAMIC GPT Disk.

    Anyone knows this issue?

    Regards, o0030
    2009年5月1日 11:47


  • Hello o0030,

    I’m afraid it might be difficult for you to get a reply since people usually use Japanese here... I’d like to suggest you post your question in an English forum. Please click here to find an appropriate forum (category) depending on the type of your question. Hope you find some useful information! Thank you.

    Seiji Hattori - Moderator (MSKK)

    2009年5月8日 8:03
  • Hattori-san,

    Thank you for your advise. I'm going to check an English Hyper-V forum.

    Regards, o0030
    2009年5月9日 14:50