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    Problem Publishing Log and Report in TMG(ISA2010) :

    (Kover さんの返信から)
    2. I go to SQL Report Manager. There is one folder named ISA2008 Reports. When I cilck on it, I get list of reports. I click on e.g. WebUsage_Users, select From and To Date and click on View Report. I always get this message:

    An error occurred during client rendering.
    An error has occurred during report processing.
    Query execution failed for dataset 'DataSet1'.
    Error converting data type nvarchar to datetime.

    (green さんの返信から)
    I have a support case open with Microsoft regarding the error. They have been working on it for two days and we are slowly working it out. They have been able to reproduce the problem in their test lab so I should hopefully have a resolution early next week.

    To stop the nvarchar to date time conversion error change the server language to US English. This appears to be a bug in the product with DD/MM/YYYY date formats.

    We have done this and the error has gone away but there is still no data being put into the Reporting Server so Microsoft are now working on this.

    Will post more info as I receive it. Hope this helps.

    Kover さんからの返信を参考して、SQL Server でのログ収集時に何かエラーに関するメッセージが出力されていないかどうか
    inatak さんの環境でご確認いただければと思います。

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    2010年7月13日 5:51
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    レポート マネージャ でKoverさんと同様に操作しましたが、エラーは無く、空のレポートが表示されました。greenさんの返信のように、日付の指定をDD/MM/YYYYにしてレポートの表示をすると、Koverさんと同じエラーが出ました。


    2010年7月14日 8:33