VMM 2016 Default VHDX Store Folder


  • Hello Experts,

    I'm facing problem where i cannot modify the default path to specific sub folder in my CSV Volume to store VMs

    The default Path in Hyper-v is simple and clear and works normally as it should be

    but in VMM it's different story.. i need the default path to be sub folder in the CSV Volume called "Default HV" and as per the below screen its pointing to 

    This is when i create VM 

    I tried to create Private Cloud but same issue and after search i found out in Private Cloud i cannot specify location for VM's only Storage and he will handle everything. but this is not what i want .. i need to specify sub folder in my CSV Volume.

    2018年4月22日 8:24


  • Hello,

    You can add/remove the default virtual machine paths, only when the host is standalone.

    For Hyper-V clustered hosts, the default virtual machine path is a shared volume on the cluster that VMM automatically creates when you add the cluster as a host. You can't add or remove it.

    Please refer here for more details.

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    Andy Liu

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    2018年4月23日 7:57