Windows dont remember windows credentials password


  • Hi,

    My company have two computers: A & B. In computer A, I want to access computer B and I use command: control userpasswords2 to enter windows credentials. Then I click to add windows credentials and type address network, user & pass of computer B. But when I restart, I cannot access computer B. I must type it again. 

    I try to use: \\computerB and tick on remember my credentials but it not work.

    What would I do?


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    2018年6月15日 3:26


  • Hi,

    Can you please go to Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > Manage Windows Credentials

    You should be able to view your saved credentials in there and check their persistence level.

    Enter the credentials manually, several times, into the top and the "Generic Credentials" box.

    Hope it will be helpful to you

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    2018年6月18日 5:42
  • Hi,

    Thank for your help but I did it before and it still not working. When I restart few time, all information save in Windows Redentials has been delete.

    2018年6月18日 10:04