The undisputed champion of malware removal methods? NOT just your fav...


  • I've been in SysAdmin for 11 years. I've seen tools come & go. I've used HJT, SBS&D, MB, Adaware, manually removing registry keys, etc. All the same things every other professional has tried. What I ask is, what is the absolute fastest method of removal? Level of required technical prowess not considered...just what is the fastest? Trojans, bots, keyloggers, toolbars, etc. If I were the worlds fastest malware remover, what method would I use? 
    Seriously..."MalwareBytes, then SUPERwhatever" is NOT the answer I'm looking for here. I have used them and they are good...but that's not what I'm asking. 
    2011年11月26日 1:13


  • Insert the OS CD in and reinstall the OS.  Make sure you format the drive as well.  You did not specify that any data was to be saved.  Or if you have an image, you could reimage the PC as well.

    I was also going to say smash the hard drive, but that would not 'remove' the virus.

    Let's look at this a different way, if you use VMWare player or a product like Deep Freeze, you can prevent those issues from hosing up your computer to begind with.  If you were to contract something, the next step would be to 'reset' the OS.  This would be made feasible by off disk storage for important files so nothing is stored locally.

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    2012年2月24日 1:37