how to connect to printer on different domain


  • I'm trying to print on a printer which is on other domain.

    Let's say I'm on Vancouver domain trying to print on Toronto domain printer.

    I want to add it as a network printer on my Vancouver domain computer.

    How is it possible? 

    what are firewall ports should be allowed?

    Can this be done? 


    2018年7月13日 20:10


  • By the way these two sites are connected through VPN tunnel


    2018年7月13日 21:25
  • Hi,

    Since you have connected to domain Toronto(T) via VPN, can you see the network printer in Network. 

    Type the IP into a web browser and see if the admin page for the printer comes up. If that works, then you should be able to add the printer via IP address.

    In addition, you have to set trust relationship, domain V needs to trust domain T, then users in domain V can use the resources of domain T. Use the command netdom trust commnand to check the trust relationship.

    Then you need to create a group (from active directory snap in), you are given the chance to either choose global group or domain local group. In domain V create a domain local group and add the global group that you created (Containing the user from domain T) and give permission to the domain local group created to print.

    You can refer to

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    2018年7月16日 7:20
  • I have a challenge that we have to access Toronto printer without establishing trust relation, they are connected through VPN only.

    Can't we access network printer without having trust relation.

    Do I required to open any ports for different domain in VPN network. if yes please let me know.

    How to make Toronto Printer visible to Vancouver Printer without trust.

    BTW, I cannot able to access web page of printer with IP/name.


    2018年7月16日 16:05
  • AFAIK, even if you don't create trust relationship, you can also access the network printer via VPN, but need to provide credential.

    Did you use a print server? Can you access other network sharing files/folders on domain Toronoto via VPN?

    1. Try to ping the IP of the network printer. If you are using a printer server, then ping the address of the print server.

    If they can ping with success, you can direct them through the Add Printer Wizard, have them manually configure a new Standard TCP/IP port, and then add the print drivers. After that you should be good to go.

    2.Enable File/Print sharing on the machine

    3. Disable the firewall temporary in case the network traffic will be blocked by firewall, especially the 3-party malware software firewall.

    4. Make sure that the network printer is set via IP address instead of host name. This can help narrow down if DNS resolution is the problem. You can find the IP of the network printer by right-click the printer-properties-General tab-location.

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    2018年7月17日 1:57
  • The thing is I'm not sure that they can communicate or not. When I do ping reply request timed out. I added printer manually when I do test print just throws error (do not know what is the error and cause). I don't have control over Toronto site so I need to request for any firewall rule to open.

    what are the ports I need to ask them to open?


    2018年7月20日 15:54
  • Since you can't ping the IP/hostname of the network printer, of course, you can't connect to it. It is a network problem, instead of a domain trust relationship.

    Here are some questions on your issue:

    1.Can you access other resource on the domain T, like network sharing files etc?

    2. Can other machines access domain T with/without vpn?

    3.Go to firewall, check if ICMP is blocked. Make sure it is enabled.

    These questions can help us narrow down the network problem. I am not sure if it is caused by printer configuration, firewall, vpn settings or other factors.

    You can test these situations:

    1.Use other machine from Domain V to access the network printer in Domain T.

    2.Use other machine from Domain V to access the network sharing files in Domain T.

    3.Use other machine in Domain T to access the network printer.

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    2018年7月23日 10:17
  • I found these Ports Needed to be opened on Toronto Firewall inbound to the Vancouver Ip address/network addresses

    UDP 138

    UDP 137

    TCP 139

    TCP 445

    TCP 9100

    I've tested the printer it is working. This is over VPN.

    We don't allow any traffic from outside world.


    2018年7月25日 22:35
  • Yes, that is it.

    Congratulations! Since I know less about your firewall settings, I provide the suggestions to narrow down the problem. That is why I suggested you to disable the firewall, checking if it is the issue.

    If my suggestions did any help, it is appreciated that you can mark it as an answer.

    Thanks a lot.

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    2018年7月26日 0:13
  • The reason I created this question is to know what are the ports required to open. You know I cannot say Toronto office to turn off their firewall. I guess no one says to turn off their firewall for testing, that's stupidity. Right away they can shutdown their office for allowing to hackers. Thanks for your suggestions. I wanted to be more professional not to be silly. as they are connected over VPN they communicate local over private network not over domain or public network. I assumed you can understand that logic.


    2018年8月3日 17:03
  • Microsoft/Windows has a Print utility called "Print Migrator" if the utility is installed to the host pc,maybe create a shortcut,send shortcut to other pc,seems printer availability should function..Or,use Microsoft : SKYPE  it says any pc with the software installed can use other pc files/folders....And allow in Win Firewall...
    2018年8月3日 23:45