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  • Hi folks,

    how can I remove an old VMM-Server?

    We have a new VMM-Server (not HA) and joined it to the existing DB.

    After that we want to remove the old one. We already uninstalled VMM machine manager app and console and hope we removed the old VMM-server. But it is still there.

    The only thing I found on the web is to remove some entries from the DB but is that the official way removing an old VMM-Server?

    What I found:

    check these tables






    2013年3月20日 17:22



  • Hi Thomas,

    I had a similarly kind of issue, (one of my HVcould not be removed from the VMM console) I have solved this issue by removing some values into the VirtualMangeDB.

    1. Logon SCVMM server or the SQL server. (depending the location of the database)
    2. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
    3. Open the VMM database, default that is virtualManagerDB. Expand tables > open the table dbo.tbl_adhc_host and choose the option Edit Top 200 rows.

    4. Check names, you must find the missing computer name over there. Remember the HostID.
    5. You can try to remove the row but normally it has some references into the database that has to be removed first.

    I have wrote a blog article about my issue where I describe all the references. Please check:

    I hope this helps.



    2013年3月20日 20:19
  • Tristan, thanks for reply.

    I´m not looking for removing a Hyper-V host.

    I looking for removing an old SCVMM-Server?



    2013年3月23日 20:00
  • To remove a VMM server, you must uninstall VMM server and select the option 'retain database'. Once this is done, you can install a new VMM server and connect to your existing database.


    Kristian (Virtualization and some coffee: )

    2013年3月27日 6:50
  • The reason why I have two VMM Server listed under the Admin Console -> Fabric -> Infrastructure -> VMM server is that I already installed a new VMM server using a database backup (.bak file) from the old SCVMM. Having two VMM servers listed in that location, I am trying to find a way to remove the stale SCVMM. In this case, is your solution relevant?
    2014年11月4日 22:24
  • I have the same issue in VMM 2016, 3 years on from your post.  Why on earth has MS no way to remove a VMM server that's no longer present WITHOUT digging around in the database.  I have left mine in place as my database is production and DO NOT WANT to hack with a production database.
    2018年1月11日 13:15
    1. Find out the old VMM server ID. Record the ServerID of the old VMM server.

    SELECT * FROM [VirtualManagerDB].[dbo].[tbl_VMM_Server]

    2.  Run the following to remove the old VMM server. Please replace the ID in the yellow part.

    EXEC prc_VMM_RemoveVmmServerById 'ServerID'

    2018年4月6日 2:34
  • Worked like a charm.  Old VMM server has been removed! - Thankyou!

    This ability needs to be coded into the GUI!  Editing production databases is not ideal!

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