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  • Hello,

    I need to remove Service Manager Portal , Additional Management Server and Data Warehouse Server from my environment because we dont need these servers now. we need only one Management Server with DATABASE Server.

    Please guide me to remove these Servers. Thank You

    Regards, Faisal Alvi PPL

    2020年1月27日 11:14


  • Hi Faisal,

    The best guide on the topic comes from Marcel Zehner:

    Dealing with multiple Management Servers 3/3: Decommission old Management Servers

    Because there isn't much changed in SCSM since then, those steps still apply even to the newest SCSM version.

    The summary is:

    - Ensure the Management Server isn't also the main workflow server.
    - Uninstall the Management Server and the Portal (Uninstall Program from the Control Panel)
    - Unregister the DataWarehouse Server
    - Uninstall the Data Warehouse Management Server (Uninstall Program from the Control Panel)
    - Post-Uninstall Tasks (Remove computer accoutns, SCPs, SPNs, etc.)
    - Cleanup

    Here also a similar thread:

    Decommission SCSM servers

    That should do it. Regards,

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    2020年1月27日 12:20
  • Hi,

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