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  • Hi! I have a problem with ICS and Advanced Windows Firewall.

    I have a small network in my office and use win7's Internet Connection Sharing service to access internet for clients.
    And turned on Advanced Windows Firewall to accept inbound tcp port 80 and block outbound specified port (like tcp port 25).

    I want to allow only the tcp port 80 to access internet from ICS client, but all packets are allowed.
    I wonder if the advanced windows firewall can block these packet?
    Ofcource, to ICS server pakcet is blocked, but to internet packet is not blocked.

    Anyone tell me how to be possible this function?
    I know make it possible to use third party's firewall software or hardware. But if passible, I want to use only windows7 function.

    2010年12月17日 9:07


  • Hello ooyama.ryouji,

    Thank you for posting your question. However, unfortunately, I'm afraid it might be difficult for you to get a reply since people usually use Japanese here... I'd like to suggest you post your question in an English forum. Please click here to find an appropriate forum (category) depending on the type of your question. Thank you.

    Seiji Hattori - Moderator (MSKK)

    2010年12月20日 1:44
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