adding gmail to outlook 2007


  • I recently went to PC World to ask if they would set up my address with existing Outlook 7. I have an HP Notebook (old one) which runs on Windows 7 (another old one). I have an Gmail email address and my original and current which runs on the current Outlook 7. I wanted both the and the to both run on Outlook possibly using separate inboxes etc. My Idea was that would be used for a certain type of emails (families and friends etc) and the would be used for a different type of message. Mail coming in would go into the appropriate inbox folder. I paid £35  for the pleasure. This was AFTER spending days reading forums and step by step instructions without success. When I returned to pick up my laptop I was informed that I cannot run on Microsoft Outlook 7 as they were two different systems, so, what PC World did was to set up Gmail on my laptop which I could have done as I have already set it up on my iPad Pro. These are my words as I am still in shock that I paid £35 for something I could have done myself. As I have described, I have made several attempts to set up gmail with Outlook 7 and I have enables IMAP (not POP) I have gone into outlook 7 and added a new email address (gmail), including passwords, SMTP, IMAP, SSL TSL  etc etc. all without success, although the closest I got to success was Outlook was continually looking for a password that was already installed. I should add that my gmail also includes a two part verification. can somebody please please help me. Am I wrong in trying to achieve this (is PC World correct). can somebody provide me with an idiots guide to setting this up. Should I have IMAP or POP should I have SSL or TSL is IMAP 997 is SMTP 587 etcetc
    2018年5月4日 18:05