Error 0x8007003A - The specified server cannot perform the requested operation - copy from SMB share to ExFAT local disk


  • Hi,

    I am having this weird error message when trying to copy files from a SMB server over the nerwork to my local computer. 

    This is not related to file name length: files with longer names copy successfully.

    This is not related to file size: error happens even with files with less than 1MB.

    The error only shows up when trying to paste from network to a local exFAT volume. 

    If I try to paste on a NTFS volume the copy is successful. 

    Telling the system to 'try again' never works, trying to copy again also does not work. Also it does not happen on every file, but when it happens to a file, it's consistent, happens every time to that file.

    2013年9月18日 14:52