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    This forum is to discuss issues with the documentation for SMS and Configuration Manager. If you have technical questions about how the product works, please try one of the other forums. While the writers staffing this forum can often answer your technical questions, we'd like to keep the discussion to issues about the docs. Are you finding what you need? Did you find an error? What can we do better in the next version? All complaints and compliments are welcome.


    If you are looking for the documentation for SMS 2.0 or 2003, go here


    If you are looking for the documentation for Configuration Manager, ALL of the official documentation is available in the Configuration Manager Documentation Library. There are several ways to access the Library.

    • If you have not installed Configuration Manager 2007 yet, you can locate the file SMSv4.chm under the product DVD, in SMSSETUP\HELP. You can also copy the SMSv4.chm file to any convenient location and run it locally, without installing the Configuration Manager 2007 console.

      If you have installed Configuration Manager 2007, you can access the Library in the Configuration Manager 2007 console by pressing F1, by clicking Help buttons, selecting Help from the Action menus, or by clicking some hyperlinks. After Configuration Manager 2007 is installed, the SMSv4.chm file is installed in %windir%\Help.
    • The entire Configuration Manager Documentation Library is available on Microsoft TechNet in the System Center Configuration Manager TechCenter.

    For ConfigMgr 2007 we went for a SQL 2000 Books Online model. One big fat chm, one stop shopping. We will be updating the content. All of the original content was locked down in early June. In August at RTM we updated the Web content and those topics say "topic last updated August 2007". You can also look for the change log (again, modeled after SQL BOL) You told us you wanted a way to know what had changed in the docs. Does this do it for you? Should we keep it up?


    Let us know what you think about the docs!



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