Can I use a sharepoint workflow for an approval form based off an external list?


  • When it comes to requesting a new hire at the company I currently work for, we have a form made in excel which gets filled out, printed, and then physically signed and faxed to the next person in the approval chain who signs it and faxes it on and so on. 

    My boss wanted me to automate this process through sharepoint. He specifically wanted me to use an external list for the form and not infopath. So I'm at the point where I have a site page with the fully functioning and nicely styled form on it. When I click submit, it submits all the fields to a sql server database. So I started researching how to attach a workflow to the submit button, and apparently workflows don't fully work with external lists? All I need is for an email to be sent when I click submit to the first approver specified in the form who can then see the completed form and decide whether to approve it or not. If it gets approved here, it gets sent to the next person and so on.  


    Is this possible with the approach we've currently taken? Any ideas/suggestions are welcome. Thanks a lot!

    2018년 7월 13일 금요일 오후 12:20

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  • Nevermind, I think I've found a solution that works. In case anyone is wondering, you can't create the workflow based off the external list right away but what you can do is add a custom form action attached to your submit button that triggers a workflow and that workflow can be connected to your external list.
    2018년 7월 13일 금요일 오후 2:17
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    Glad to hear that you have found the solution, thanks for your sharing.

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