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  • Windows 8에서 사용하는 키보드 & 마우스 단축키 사용하기

    2012년 6월 21일 목요일 오후 2:47


  • Window 8 에서 사용하는 키보드와 마우스 단축키 입니다.

    아래 그 외 알고 계신 단축키를 답변 부탁드립니다.

    Keyboard  Shortcuts for Windows 8:
    [WIN KEY]        Open Metro Start Screen
    Arrow (Direction) Keys will scroll through Start tiles
    [WN KEY]   >Desktop, (Can need tapping depending on location)
    [Esc Key] (Once or twice)   > Desktop
    [WIN KEY] + C        Open Charms bar
    [WIN KEY] + I        Desktop settings, quick access to power/shutdown/restart
    [WIN KEY] + <-- or --> Snaps
    grab an open window or an app, @ the top, take it left or right to Snap (split the screen). 
    [WIN KEY] + Up Arrow gives Full screen
    [WN KEY] + Down Arrow back to original window state
    [WIN KEY] + W        Search Settings
    [WIN KEY] + F        Search Files
    [WIN KEY] + D        Go to Desktop anytime, from anywhere
    [WIN KEY] + .        Snap current app to right side
    [WIN KEY] + Shift + .    Snap current app to left side
    [WIN KEY] + ,        Peek at the Windows desktop
    [WIN KEY] + Q        Search Apps  (from Desktop)
    [WIN KEY] + Z (from Start) Display app bar & ALL APPS icon > All Apps display
    Rt Clk, when on Start, also, gives app bar w/ All Apps icon
    [WIN KEY] + Enter    Narrator
    [WIN KEY] + K        Devices
    [WIN KEY] + L        Lock Screen
    [WIN KEY] + H        Share options
    [WIN KEY] + P        Projector/Display options
    [WIN KEY] + R        Run a command
    [WIN KEY] + U        Ease of Access Center
    [WIN KEY] + X        Quick access to a variety of system functions
    [WIN KEY] + PageUp/PageDown  multiple monitors, swap which 1 the Start screen is on
    [WIN KEY] + PrtScreen  Save .png screenshot of desktop in Pictures library
    [WIN KEY] + = Magnifier Larger
    [WIN KEY] + -  Magnifier Smaller
    [WIN KEY] + Tab Gives LF Side Panel scroll through open windows (nicer than Alt + Tab)
    Alt + Tab            Scrolls through open windows
    You can just hit Ctrl at the lock screen instead of dragging with the mouse.
    Ctrl-Alt-Del        Access to lock, switch user, sign out, Task Manager, power, accessibility

    Mouse Tips for Windows 8:
    •    Move mouse to upper or lower right-hand of screen will open the Charms bar, slide mouse up or down to access.
    •    In Desktop app, click far right of taskbar to show desktop(minimize all apps), just like Windows 7
    •    Move mouse to upper-left, then slide cursor down to reveal running app thumbnails
    •    Move mouse to lower-left, then slide cursor up to reveal running app thumbnails
    •    Move mouse to upper-left and click mouse repeatedly to cycle through apps
    •    When in the "app thumbnail bar" (upper-left) right-click thumbnails for options to snap left/right or close app.
    *    Pull an open App to the bottom of the screen & it will close.
    •    Move mouse to lower-left and click for Metro Start menu (you can right-click it for a handy menu)
    •    Move mouse to top edge of screen in a Metro app and the cursor will change to a hand, drag
    •    down to the bottom of the screen to close the app.
    •    In Metro Start screen click button in lower-right to activate semantic zoom.  You can right-click a group of tiles to name them.  Click anywhere to exit semantic zoom.  Ctrl + Mouse scroll wheel zooms the Start Menu in and out too.
    •    Drag tiles anywhere to arrange them.  Drag between two groups of tiles and a vertical thick white bar will appear,
    dropping a tile on that bar will create a new group.

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