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  • Hello

    have three question about WMS 2011 with our U-Series.

    (Our U-series devices are installed in field with WMS 2011 operating system.)

    1. Warning Message when ejecting USB storage device

    Step 1) Log-in as “Administrator” in primary station(Connected with RGB cable monitor).

    Step 2) Connect USB storage device to host PC.

    Step 3) When removing USB storage device from PC, the warning message window like below is opened.

             We cannot know why this message is displayed and how not to open it.

    2. As describing in “WMS 2011 Deployment Guide”, if USB storage device is connected to host PC, it can be shared with all stations.

    In this environment, is there any way to share specific station, not all stations?

    Thanks in advance

    2012년 2월 17일 금요일 오전 7:28

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  • Hi M2350D,

    Thanks for posting here.

    In my opinion, You can also share content by saving it to a USB storage device, such as a USB flash drive or mass storage device (external hard disk). When you attach a USB storage device directly to the computer running MultiPoint Server, that storage device will appear as a removable storage device to all users across the MultiPoint Server system, and the files stored on that storage device will be available to all users.

    If you connect a device directly to the computer, such as a printer or USB mass storage device, the device can be accessed by all users on the MultiPoint Server system.

    Work with USB Devices

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    2012년 2월 20일 월요일 오전 12:44