MDT 2010 Boot Disk to Install from Network Share


  • I am using this Link  I am struggling to understand how or what I need to change to reduce the Size of the USB or DVD data.

    I have some new machines which require Nic, Graphics and System drivers that by default are not included in Windows 7. I have imported the drivers for the new machines into the out of Box and seperated the drivers into x86 & x64

    I have tried generating the Media just for x86  I tried creating a Windows x86 Profile but when I write that to a USB drive I either get no Task to install a new operating system or I do an then a message saying Task Error OS is missing.

     If I chose everything when i generate the media I get a huge amount of data which includes the OS. Currently it is 7.5GB,

    What I would like is to have a small USB or Disk boot that connects to the MDT Server share where the Windows 7 source files and drivers are located and I can install Win7 onto a new machine. I dont have WDS and currently all of the machines are 32bit.

    Should I choose the everything profile or just Drivers and Packages (despite not having any applications or packages)

    I understand that it is possible to configure the ini files to set language etc which I tried setting and the first boot was correct but when the machine restarted the settings were back to default.

    It seems you can configure some same settings in both the Boot.ini and the custom.ini how do you decide which one to use?

    Do I have to configure either of the ini files if I only want to install Win 7 onto a new machine?

    Sorry for all the questions

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