ILM CSExport Viewer

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  • How often did you have to examine a connector space object, forgot the required CSExport switches, and then - yes, the IE warning, when you open a XML file...
    If you have been in a situation like this, you might want to take a look at the ILM CSExport Viewer.

    The ILM CSExport Viewer is a script to display the content of an CSExport drop file.

    The script is based on the HTA (HTML Application) framework – a framework that enables you to develop scripts that look like Windows applications without the need of writing code in Visual Studio.

    To display a connector space object, you need to:

    • Select the related management agent
    • Provide the name of the object

    In addition to this, you can also set some optional parameters to configure the level of detail you need to be included in the drop file.
    The following screenshot shows an example of an ILM CSExport Viewer run:


    To download this script, report bugs or discuss the script, use this link.

    Markus Vilcinskas, Technical Content Developer, Microsoft Corporation
    2009년 7월 16일 목요일 오전 9:01