How do I create a new Object type in Map Object Types


  • Hello!

    I'm totally new to FIM so my question is very basic. I have created a new Agent in Microsoft Identity Manager.
    I click on properties->Map Object Types and here is only object type Person visible but I want to use an object type with name Katalog. I can't click on new because it is grayed out.
    So how can I create a new object type in Map Object Types?


    2018년 6월 13일 수요일 오전 8:10

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  • Hi,

    the only two points where you can create objectTypes in MIM is:

    1. The Metaverse (MV) in the Metaverse Designer Tab.

    2. The MIM Portal under Schema Adminstration.

    The Input Object Types are defined by the datasource.

    What Type of MA do you use, or can you provide a screenshot ?


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