Montoring the Exchange 2007 Database in SCC / CCR


  • Hi Team

    I expecting to script (PS1) to monitor all my  Exchnage 2007 database (5 No's)

    The Script should send the email to our Exchage admins, whenever the database is down.. We don't want to use any SCCM or MOM....and 3rd part utility.

    Any help



    2012년 1월 22일 일요일 오후 2:30

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  • Hi Sukh

    I went the above link aleady ....but it looks different one...

    am too searching in google

    Thnaks for your update




    2012년 1월 23일 월요일 오후 11:56
  • Hello,


    Please check the following article to see if it meet your requirement:


    Script to send an email if your server is down





    2012년 1월 24일 화요일 오전 7:39
  • Hi Simon and all

    Am just expecting the script like

    Get-MailboxDatabase –Status | Format-Table Name, Server, Mounted

    It will give the output of the Database Name , ServerName, and Mounted status(True or Fase)

    If  Mounted status is false that is Dismonuted it should send the email to the respective people

    Since we have 4 mailbox server and mutiple SG and Database , am expecting the output of the script lik

    DatababaseName   Servername  Database Status

    ============    ========  =============

    DB01                     MBXSRV1        Dismounted

    Hope you all understand my Query..




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  • Hi,

    You need to use the same PS cmdlet but added the filter to only check for dismounted state.

    Get-MailboxDatabase –Status | where {$_.mounted -like "False"}| Format-Table Name, Server, Mounted

    If you have Windows 2008 where Exchange management tools installed schdule it from there with email action.

    you need to schedule for every 15 or 20 minutes interval. depends on your monitoring poll.




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