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  • I am evaluating a possible storage solution based on Storage Spaces Direct.
    On page I read that I can use different kind od SSD disks for caching.
    Is there any way to use RAM for even more efficient caching?

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    2018년 7월 14일 토요일 오전 10:43

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  • You can configure CSV cache on top of S2D managed virtual disks / CSVs. See: Bad news are - it’s read-only so don’t expect much of it... There’s no RAM-based write-back cache @ block level in Windows.


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  • There is only CSV in-memory read cache, indeed:

    Honestly speaking, its usability is very much in question. Plus, it works for some read-intensive workloads, but not for others.

    If you really wanna play with caching, I would recommend checking Starwind free:

    In addition to being a truly feature-rich solution (server-side memory write-back cache, iSER, to name only a few), it doesnt require Datacenter licenses for building up a clustered storage. IMHO, this is the best alternative to s2d so far.


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