Route email files to Sharepoint folders and automatically create sub folders for it based on date


  • Hello,

    We have a requirement where we would like to route emails uploaded to the SharePoint library to their respective top folders based on metadata. Aside from that, another sub folder will be automatically created with folder name according to the previous date (minus one day) of the email. All emails generated on that day will be contained on those respective sub folders. We get about several emails a day so we expect a lot of sub folders for each of our top folders to be created. Hope this makes sense.

    Can you tell me if this is achievable though workflow? I'm still struggling with programming. I've considered using Content Organiser but I'm having issues with the Automatic Folder creation component. It would only provide folder name based on the unique property of the content type. I'm not even sure if I can use a date to name the folder.

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