custom view based on document names


  • Dear all,

    I have created two calculated columns for document renaming when uploading document.. Now I want to create custom view based on the documentname.

    formula for first calculated column1 is  =CONCATENATE(Year,"-",aid,"-",number," ",doctype)

    formula for second calculated column2 is=CONCATENATE(Year,"-",aid,"-",number,"-",asubid," ",doctype)

    Year,aid,number,doctype,asubid are custom columns in document library.

    example the document names are 2018-3-5 worddoc and in this we have sub documents names like 2018-3-5-100 wordchilddoc,2018-3-5-101 wordchilddoc,2018-3-5-102 wordchilddoc.

    My view look like below.

    2018-3-5 worddoc

       2018-3-5-100 wordchilddoc

       2018-3-5-101 wordchilddoc

       2018-3-5-102 wordchilddoc

    Please help how to achieve this.Thanks in advance.

    • 편집됨 Praveenrangu 2018년 7월 13일 금요일 오전 11:13
    2018년 7월 13일 금요일 오전 9:52

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