MIM Portal groups - "Member Selection" disappeared


  • Hi,

    I have created a set to users that are not admin to manage users and groups

    For groups management, only users that belong to the "Administrators" Set have the ability to choose "Member Selection"



    What am I missing?

    Thank you

    • 편집됨 MIM User 2018년 6월 6일 수요일 오후 8:03
    2018년 6월 6일 수요일 오후 8:02

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  • Is the problem that you expect to see Memebr Selection on the Create form and you do not? If that's it then does your creator have Read and MOdify access to the MembershipLocked and MembershipAddWorkflow attributes?

    2018년 6월 7일 목요일 오전 12:50
  • Hi Carol,

    Yes, I expect (as not admin user) to have the possibility to see and modify the "Member Selection" when creating and modifying a group

    The Requestor have the permissions to Read and Modify all groups attributes. Is there a special configuration for MembershipLocked and MembershipAddWorkflow  that I should make?

    Thank you,

    2018년 6월 7일 목요일 오전 3:50
  • So you're saying you have an MPR with "Create" and "*" as the Action Parameter, and this applies to the requestor?

    Have you modified the group creation RCDC at all?

    2018년 6월 8일 금요일 오후 9:50
  • Hi Carol,

    Yes, the requestor have the abilty to create and modify all groups attrbutes

    RCDC has been modified with extra fields but I didn't made changes on existing attributes - administrators can see and modify "Member Selection"

    Maybe it could be missing permissions on Workflow? there is an MPR for it? 

    Thank you

    2018년 6월 9일 토요일 오후 5:49
  • There are no workflow permissions - just permissions to target objects and their attributes.

    Did you keep the default RCDC XML? It could be worth reverting to that just to see if your problem goes away.

    2018년 6월 12일 화요일 오전 6:54
  • Hi Carol,

    I kept the original RCDC xml

    Following your suggestion I have restored the original RCDC xml but unfortunately the problem did not goes away

    It could be maybe a default MPR that prevent it for regular users? I have allowed all "Security Group management" MPRs

    Thank you

    • 편집됨 MIM User 2018년 6월 12일 화요일 오후 3:12
    2018년 6월 12일 화요일 오전 7:25
  • To see if it's a permission thing create an MPR that grants "All Objects" all permissions to "All Groups".

    2018년 6월 12일 화요일 오후 10:27
  • Hi Carol,

    The MPR did not solved the problem

    Thank you

    2018년 6월 13일 수요일 오전 6:25